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                      HOME > COMPANY > About EG Valve
                        Shanghai Engung Valve Co.,Ltd is one that specialize in scientific research of the valve, design, make, act as agent for the integrated company, its product is used in petroleum extensively, chemical industry, smelting, electricity, pharmacy, various kinds of trades that papermaking and urban construction form a complete set,etc..
                        At present main in company production and sales the high, in the low-voltage, have high temperatures, low temperatures, hydropower station the valve, floodgate the valve, stop valve, ball valve, non-return valve, butterfly valve,etc.s in all series of more than 50 pieces of, the valve products of more than 10000 kinds of types, the products are produced according to such national standards as GB.HG, U.S.A. APL.ANSI, Japan JIS, Germany DIN of China,etc.,the valve subject material is as follows, chromium looks steel, alloy steel, carbon steel, stainless steel, ultralow carbon stainless steel, covering with like this and using the steel specially. All kinds of products are open from 6mm to 3000mm directly,1/4-80",the nominal pressure is from 0.1MPa-4.2MPa, working the temperature from-196 degrees Centigrade--680 degrees Centigrade of different fields come to meet the customer's demand, and can smelt and make according to the request of customer.

                        Have domestic and advanced the whole performance test center of valve, have introduced and developed such auxiliary production management, products as advanced CIMATRON three-dimensional CAD design and CAM, CAE, FMS,etc. and made software system, have numerical control machining centers, plasma welding machine, the full-automatic gas is protected and welded, the semi-automatic vacuum dissolves the welder, exceed the vacuum heat treatment equipment, special-purpose numerical control lathe of car ball frequently, process such all kinds of checkout equipment of processings as special plane, physics and chemistry and flaw detection equipment,etc. more than 300 high-efficiently. Is it accord with U.S.A. API, ANSI, Britain BS, Germany DIN, France NF, standard all kinds of ALISON product, JIS of Japan and GB,etc. of China to make, among them some products obtained a series of national patents.

                        Company as theme, insist with "quality in pace with life" because quality seek survival, seek development so as to science and technology all the time for many years, inherit quality policy of "create zero defect product, guarantee users are satisfied with". The mere people of kindness welcome domestic and international old and new customers to come to our company to visit and guide wholeheartedly, advance courageously hand in hand, open up the great plan altogether.


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                      Tel:86-021-56097727 56530337  Fax:86-021-56530337
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